Hidden Savings with Utilities!

90% of the utility bills we review contain errors, overcharges and other savings opportunities. There are many avenues to reduce your utility costs that do not involve a capital investment. We have been helping clients identify those opportunities since 1991.  The best part is …if we don’t save you money we work for free!  If you do get refunds or credits or other savings we share in a percentage of the savings that we generate after you have realized the savings. You don’t have to budget to hire us because the costs we will reduce are already in your budget and our savings will always reduce that budget.  We review the bills for water, sewer, gas, electricity and even storm water. 

Utility bills are complex and most clients do not have the time, resources or knowhow to research those bills to make certain that they are accurate. Utility companies commonly make mistakes on their invoices.  We have found overcharges ranging from a few thousand dollars to excess of $100,000. We have identified many many types of errors and opportunities for savings.  We have worked for clients representing many different utility companies and we have found errors in the invoices of almost every utility company that we have reviewed.

In addition to errors we often find rate schedule opportunities for our clients resulting in significant reductions of their utility expense.  Utility companies don’t go out of their way to let you know about those options. In fact, our experience has been that most utility companies do not put forth any effort to help their clients minimize their costs. The options are usually buried in obscure tariffs or ordinances that most people do not even know exist. We know about them and how they work.

Since most utility companies don’t have an active program to help their customers reduce their costs, they usually do not have trained staff to help clients minimize those costs. We have done utility consulting for clients who just had their utility bills reviewed by a local utility and then found tens of thousands of dollars in errors and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in cost savings.  One potential client had the utility make recommendations for rate schedule changes and then decided not to hire us.   In the end the utility only told them about 2 out of 10 opportunities that they could have benefited from.

There are a variety of other types of errors and opportunities that we look for that can result in you saving thousands of dollars.

The other significant opportunity is for brokered natural gas. Many of our clients are saving as much as 20-25% or more off of their gas bills by buying gas from a 3rd party. Now is a great time to consider this if you are able to qualify. We do not charge a fee or participate in savings for brokering gas. What do you have to lose?

Use an expert. Our Chief consultant and auditor has a vast variety of experience and training with utility consulting.  See why others trust us with their utility services.

Although we are based in Utah, we have worked in every state in the United States.  There are opportunities for businesses and government in every state in the Union to reduce their utility costs.  We will help you regardless of where you are located.