Here’s Our Three Step Process:


Commercial properties often have complicated utility charges and are large consumers of utilities. We have found that even small corrections can often lead to big savings. Whether you are the landlord or tenant you will benefit from our in depth analysis.


Utility expense is often a major cost component to your manufacturing process. Manufacturers can have unique and specific demand characteristics on utilities.


Multi-family complexes can be complex to analyze which is why we have developed significant expertise in this area. Each multi-family property is reviewed taking into consideration of the usage history, future expected usage, and various characteristics of the property.

Any High Utility User

At times there are utility users with very unique usages. Some of our past customers in this category are ski resorts, mines, golf courses, cities, counties, other government and even utility companies themselves. Unique uses provide for unique savings opportunities.

Our Promises:

  • You save or we work for free
  • We don’t try to sell you equipment
  • Our service requires little to no time from you
  • Signup takes minutes
  • We fix issues with the utility providers for you

About us

With over 30 years and counting, the experience of our team offers value that comes from dealing with many property types. Our dedicated team has developed an expertise in the Utility Consulting industry stemming from base careers in Accounting, Property Management, Engineering, and Construction. Over the years we have worked for Cities, Manufacturers, Multi-Family Communities, HOA’s, Ski Resorts, and many others.


You save or we work for free

No upfront costs, No Retainers, Strictly contingent based fees.
We are so confident that we will find ways to save money on your utility bills that we don’t charge anything at all until you realize the savings in your accounts.
In the vast majority of cases we find errors and overcharges that we then correct for you and then convert into real monthly savings and/or a check for past overcharges. In the cases where we don’t find savings for you we simply report back to you our analysis and give you the peace of mind that you are saving as much as possible on any given property.

“The team at Nationwide Utility Consultants has discovered and navigated through some complex corrections that have resulted in refunds and monthly savings for several of our properties. They have kept us in the driver’s seat every step of the way, allowing us to understand the overcharges and how they correct them.”

Perry Commercial

“We have worked with Nationwide Utility Consultants through two different property management companies, and in both cases they have made several corrections, resulting in significant refunds and savings on our utility accounts. We now have them review any property that we add to our portfolio.”

-UV Residential

“A number of properties had corrections made by Nationwide Utility Consultants that gave us savings. The corrections ranged from tax issues to sewer overcharges, one of which reduced the monthly sewer charges by 90%!”

-Independence Rehabilitation


We don’t charge any upfront costs, we don’t charge any retainers, and if we don’t realize savings for you, we work for free!
We work strictly on a contingent based model so we don’t bill for any of our work unless you get savings returned to your accounts. Only then do we share in the savings based on the agreement that we put into place with every single customer. Because every customer is different we create a tailored, always commission based model that spells out the pricing model specific to that customer.

For a single property we expect to take about 2-3 weeks to complete our analysis and recommendation of changes. Once we have completed that stage we request corrections from the utility providers and they can take anywhere from 1-3 billing cycles usually.

This is a hard question to answer because each property is so unique. We have seen anything from a few hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands a month for any given overcharge we fix. This highly depends on factors such as the amount of monthly utility bills, size of the property, property type, location, etc. We just don’t know until we’ve seen the bills. We do know that we can expect to find something as in the vast majority of cases we do find and procure some kind of refund and/or savings.

We only participate in savings that we have procured for our customers. If there are savings realized by the customer efforts then we don’t participate in those savings.

The only requirement from you is to sign the agreement and provide us with a way to view the bills (see below for the various ways). Sometimes we ask a few questions about the property details which are almost always handled over a quick phone call.

Most often we get online access so we can just download all the bills we need. If that’s not setup or you don’t feel comfortable with that, no problem. We can have them scanned or sent in any way that is easiest for you.

My third party billing service is already reviewing the bills, what do you do differently?
We have become very familiar with the major third party billing services and they simply don’t analyze the bills thoroughly. Their concern is more on the collection, distribution, and payment of bills, while our specialty is whether or not you are being billed property from the utility provider to begin with. Our agreement works together with the third party billing managers and we almost always find savings that were overlooked or not found by others.