About Us

Our chief consultant, Dennie Robinson started utility consulting in Utah in 1991 working for a subdivision of Sudeco USA Inc., our current parent company.  Sudeco is now owned by Dennie and Lance Livingston and is now operating under the DBA of Nationwide Utility Consultants.

Since 1991, our company has worked for thousands of government agencies and businesses saving them tens of millions of dollars in utility costs.

Mr. Robinson has managed the consulting function as long as the company has been in existence. Mr. Robinson has an MBA from the University of Utah.  After he got out of college he worked for a multi-billion dollar transportation company that serves Utah.  He eventually became their chief pricing officer managing their pricing function from a period when their rates were largely regulated to almost totally deregulated. Their rates were regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission as well as by state public utility commissions. One of his roles, in his previous job, was to interface with 26 state public utility commissions. Those same state public utility commissions still regulate many of the utility rates available to our current clients. Knowing his way around the regulatory processes has been very beneficial as Mr. Robinson has served our clients.

Mr. Robinson also learned a lot about regulated rates, how to interpret them, and how to use them to save money for his clients in his previous job.  Since he managed the pricing function from regulation to deregulation, he is intimately familiar with the different environments that his clients must work in where utility rates have been deregulated.  During Mr. Robinson’s tenure with the company, the company has worked for clients in every state in the Union.

During the time that Mr. Robinson has been managing the actual consulting process for our company, he and his staff have identified literally hundreds of different kinds of errors made by the utility companies serving Utah clients. He has also become intimately familiar with the alternating rates offered by these utility companies and is able to match the usage profiles of our clients to the rate which will minimize their costs.