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Dennie Robinson

(President – Chief Consultant)

Mr. Robinson brings vast experience and expertise to Nationwide Utility Consultants. Dennie was the chief pricing officer of a major transportation company before he started Nationwide Utility Consultants. At the time, the company he worked for was in an industry where the rates were regulated by government. The intrastate rates were regulated by state public utility commissions …the same organizations that regulate many utility companies today. One of his responsibilities was to interface with those state public utility commissions. Dennie started utility consulting in 1991. He has since helped both public and private entities save 10’s of millions in utility costs.

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cell: (801) 599-7301



Lance Livingston


Mr. Livingston brings a variety of experience and expertise to Nationwide Utility Consultants. Mr. Livingston has a Masters Degree in Accounting with a minor in business. He has worked in public accounting as an auditor and has since provided the accounting necessary for several companies and projects. He has over 40 years experience in commercial and residential real estate development and management. During that time he has developed and managed over $200 Million in real estate assets in the Western United States. Most recently he developed an 84 unit townhome project in Park City Utah, collectively worth over $40 Million.

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cell: (435) 565-1246



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