We don’t charge any upfront costs, we don’t charge any retainers, and if we don’t realize savings for you, we work for free!

We work strictly on contingency so we don’t bill for any of our work unless you actually realize savings or receive credits to your accounts for work we have done. Only then do we share in the savings.

For a single property we expect to take about 2-3 weeks to complete our analysis and recommendation of changes. Once we have completed that stage we request refunds and corrections from the utility providers and they can take anywhere from 1-3 billing cycles usually.

This is a hard question to answer because each property is unique. We have seen anything from a few hundred dollars a month to tens of thousands a month for any given overcharge. In addition we have obtained refunds from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands.  This highly depends on factors such as the size of the utility bills and the nature of the error or opportunity. We just don’t know until we’ve seen the bills. We do know that in the vast majority of cases we do find and procure some kind of refund and/or savings for our clients.

We only participate in savings that we have procured for our customers. If there are savings realized by the customer efforts then we don’t participate in those savings.

Contact us for a brief consultation to determine how we might best help you.  Just provide us with access to the utility bills (see below for the various ways). Sometimes we ask a few questions about the property details which are almost always handled over a quick phone call and sometimes we need to do a site visit or two.

Most often we get online access so we can just download all the bills we need. If that’s not setup or you don’t feel comfortable with that, no problem. We can have them scanned or sent in any way that is easiest for you.

My third party billing service is already reviewing the bills, what do you do differently?
We have become very familiar with the major third party billing services and they simply don’t analyze the bills thoroughly. Their concern is more on the collection, distribution, and payment of bills, while our specialty is whether or not you are being billed property from the utility provider to begin with. Our agreement works together with the third party billing managers and we almost always find savings that were overlooked or not found by others.